Update - Camp Wellstone: Online

June 23, 2015

I wanted to give you an update on Camp Wellstone: Online.

Earlier this month, we launched our new online learning program, and over the past two weeks over 130 people from 24 states (and Canada!) have joined us for our online classroom on running, and winning, as a progressive candidate.

Camp Wellstone: Online is one of the most important new initiatives we’ve started this year. And we could only launch it because of support from donors like you..

As one participant said after the last session:

“I loved Camp Wellstone: Online. The variety of presentation styles and the diversity of the presenters were really awesome and made it easy for me to engage with the content and get what was going on.”

Over the course of two weeks, four of our best trainers led eight sessions ranging from digital organizing for candidates, to campaign budgets. And here’s the kicker: we offered this program FREE to all our alums.

Developing the top-notch curriculum, using an awesome online learning platform, prepping with all the trainers – all of this didn’t come cheap. But it was worth it. In fact, 96% of participants said they’d recommend the next Camp Wellstone: Online to a friend in the movement.

So with your help, we’re determined to keep growing this vital program. Can we count on you? Chip in $28 and let us know you’ve got our back for the next generation of our online learning work. 

We tell people all the time: while Wellstone leads over 125 trainings a year, we’re not going to make it to every state; and, the opportunities for progressives to learn new skills shouldn’t end after a Camp Wellstone is over. That’s why Camp Wellstone: Online is so important to our work. And to our progressive movement.