Our Party at PhlatPhile in LA: Top Five Things You Missed

March 11, 2015
Recently, I helped plan a big party for Wellstone at an awesome gallery in LA. We packed the space with over 50 friends, old and new. Since not everyone could make it to LA, or battle the traffic, here’s a recap of the top five things you missed. 
1. Our extraordinary host, David Attyah, giving a passionate intro on why he supports Wellstone Action: “At a certain point, I realized that politics had become so combative and gridlocked that I needed to find people to help me act in this new political landscape. And that’s why I love Wellstone Action.”
David is an activist artist, ramen-noodle-loving, party-hosting rock star. And I thank my lucky stars that a single donation awhile back has led him to become an arm-waving passionate-speech-giving, hype-festing leader in our work. 
  1. 2. The party boasted dozens of alumni, a documentarian who made a film about Paul Wellstone, union leaders, members of the film industry, elected officials, a former student of Paul Wellstone’s, artists and art enthusiasts, and key members of the Wellstone team. Also, some delicious snacks from Porto’s, an LA establishment! 
3. Jonathan and Brian, two young progressive organizers trained by Wellstone Action in Orange County to run for office, drove nearly two hours to network with other progressive leaders at the party…and then, a few hours later, turned around and drove home. (According to them, they had such a blast meeting other progressive organizers that it was totally worth it. As a Minnesotan who barely survived the full-body workout of driving in LA for three days, all I can say is: RESPECT.)
4. Most-commonly-asked question to Wellstone staff: “When are you guys doing another training here?” By the way, the answer is “soon!”
5. Our Director of Impact, Edith Sargon, knocking it out of the park with a peek at Wellstone’s next moves: “In order to create the sustainable, creative, flexible, progressive politics we need to tackle the hydra of Right Wing extremism, we need a new way. We need new leaders, new tactics, new ideas, and people who know how to win. That’s where Wellstone Action comes in.” 
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