We don't want $889 million

January 28, 2015
We sent this email out earlier today: 
Have you seen the news? The Koch brothers are planning on spending $889 million in 2016.
If my newsfeed is any indication, progressives are angry, bitter, frustrated. But that’s not how we’re going to win progress. It’s like we say on the back of our t-shirts: 

So here’s the deal: we’re not planning on raising $889 million for the 2016 elections. We don’t want to. You don’t win enduring progress by steamrolling communities with attack ads. You win progress by empowering leaders and lifting up communities. 
I’m mad at the Koch brothers, too. But complaining doesn’t win elections, nor does it build a movement. You know what does? We do. 
Put it another way? We don’t want to win the Koch Brothers Way. We’re going to win the Wellstone Way. 
Director of Digital Engagement