Winning the Wellstone Way, in South Korea

August 13, 2014

Day to day, a chunk of my job is to be a first point of contact for Wellstone. From questions about where to find resources on using Twitter for campaigns to info on the Wellstone Memorial Site in Eveleth, MN, I’m your guy. My goal is to make sure everyone, no matter where you live, has access to our tools and resources.

Every day I hear from folks in the field, all over the country, who are excited about making change in their communities and nationally, the Wellstone Way. But this was a new one for me: today, I heard from a lawyer and organizer in South Korea, who randomly came across our books “Politics the Wellstone Way” and “Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way.”

He and his colleagues immediately recognized the wealth of info in these resources, and were struck by how many people they directly work with who could benefit from reading our resources. As he put it, “We were all amazed by all the information we had not known.”

Inspired by our work and legacy, this organizer wrote to me to let us know how grateful he was to find us. He’s even translating parts of these resources into Korean so they can reach even more people.

From Portland, OR to Portland, ME to a small town outside Seoul, South Korea, people are keeping Paul Wellstone’s legacy alive, and winning the Wellstone Way! I’m honored to be on the receiving end, helping you get what you need to achieve your goals.

So keep the questions coming, I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!