A picture that tells a story

June 2, 2014

I have to share this photo with you.

This is what change looks like. This is what a movement growing, and innovating, and evolving looks like. This is what winning looks like.

We’re in Nashville right now, with 25 of the country’s best emerging organizers, to kick off Wellstone Corps. Together, we’re developing the next generation of progressive leaders. Along the way, we’re training them to communicate messages that stick, and to build a volunteer program that strengthens the movement over the long-haul.

People power our movement. But it takes real resources to invest in such intensive, important, trainings like what's happening in Nashville right now. That’s why we’ve set a goal of raising $2,500, a hundred bucks per Corps member, before the training ends on Saturday, June 6th. Your support will help us run more programs, like what's happening right now in Nashville, for years to come. Can you help us get there?

Over the next five months, Corps members will help lead campaigns across the country to hold radical right-wingers accountable. All the while, we’ll continue to train them, develop them, and fight alongside them. We’re investing in the next generation of progressive leaders, to power our movement way beyond this election (and take down some bad guys along the way).

Can I count on you to be a part of this? Donating right now, from $25 to $100, will help us reach our goal of $2,500. It will shows that you care about honest-to-goodness leadership development, for 2014, for 2016, and for countless elections to come.

Let’s get to work,

Look at that photo, look at those faces, and think about the future we’re writing together by investing in emerging organizers for our movement. I bet it’ll make you want to give, to be a part of something big and long-lasting.

Wellstone Corps is a program of Progressive Campaign Leadership, an affiliate of Wellstone Action.