May 2014

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  • So, what’s the Charities Review Council?

    For over a decade at Wellstone, we’ve dedicated ourselves to use every penny, of every donation, as effectively as possible. Our budget is smart, ambitious, and lean. Put another way? We’re small on overhead, big on results.

    And now we have a shiny new seal to prove it.

    Meeting the Charities Review Council’s Accountability Standards means that we’re a top-tier nonprofit that adheres to industry leading best practices. We invest your donations wisely, ever focused on results, always going above and beyond to be open and transparent about how your dollar is being spent.

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  • Joining the League of Superheroes

    For our new Senior Project Manager, Causten Rodriguez-Wollerman, life as an organizer got started early.

    Working at a LGBTQ youth drop-in center, and with an antiviolence crisis line, just after high school in Colorado, a statewide organizing group approached Causten to help with a 2004 LGBT voter registration drive. “I was good at it, and it paid $10 an hour. So after the campaign, when they asked me to stay and work on racial justice issues, I suddenly could do something about all these issues that I was passionate about.”

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