Hey, Thanks CREDO Members!

February 25, 2014

How do you win an election the Wellstone Way? Person by person, vote by vote. So, how does Wellstone Action raise money? Person by person, vote by vote.

CREDO recently announced it will donate over $50,000 dollars to Wellstone Action. CREDO’s decision to support us wasn’t made in the backroom by a handful of organizational leaders. No, the decision was made the Wellstone Way.

Wellstone was nominated by CREDO customers and chosen among hundreds of nonprofits to be featured as one of forty groups eligible in 2013 to receive funding for its work. Next, CREDO customers helped decide how much money each nonprofit received by simply voting online or via paper ballot for their favorite progressive nonprofits.

Just like the support we receive from individual donors, foundations, and organizations from across the country, the funds we’re receiving from CREDO are critical for us to win short-term victories in 2014 and have a lasting impact so we can create the world in which we all do better when we all do better. This support means we’ll be able to offer Camp Wellstones across the country, and never turn any progressive away because of their inability to pay. It means we’ll build progressive leadership pipelines – taking community leaders and turning them into well-trained candidates and winning elected officials – in critical states like North Carolina and Ohio. And it means we’ll teach more young Americans than ever before to win the Wellstone Way on their campuses and in their communities.

To the thousands of CREDO members who voted for us, thank you.  You know how it works: Conservatives raise money by bringing together the super-rich to buy elections and protect their narrow self-interest. That’s not how we do it: at Wellstone Action, we’re part of this movement for the long haul, and that means winning your support, person by person, vote by vote, dollar by dollar.  

As we begin our second decade, we’re honored to have CREDO’s and its members’ support. Here’s to a winning 2014!