Live from Columbus

December 12, 2013

Earlier today, I sent out this email to update folks about what's going on at Advanced Campaign Managment School in Columbus:

Hi ,

I’ve gotta be quick about this:  I’m writing to you during a 15-minute break before diving back into today’s 13-hour agenda at our Advanced Campaign Management School (ACMS) in Columbus, Ohio.

We started on Tuesday, and we’re here through Sunday, training 43 of the country’s most promising and talented campaigners how to win on the issues that improve people’s lives. Will you chip in to help them win?

And this isn’t an abstract fight. The people here are fighting for The People, here. Good public schools for kids in Nevada, North Dakota, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon. Marriage equality in Ohio. Better working conditions and wages in Texas, Michigan, New York, Idaho. Protecting voters’ rights in Kentucky. Propelling more women into elected office in North Carolina. This is what our ACMS participants are after in 2014. And they’ve turned to Wellstone to get them to victory. 

The days are long, but this is oh-so-worth-it! And here’s the thing, this is the only way we’ll win in 2014: by being better prepared and better organized than our conservative opponents, who will be flush with cash from special interests and their ridiculously-rich benefactors.


We couldn’t be in Columbus without you and your support. And everyone in this room needs you to build, along with us, the world where we all do better when we all do better. Please donate today.

Break’s over. Let’s get back to work.

Sara Beth Mueller
Director of Communications and Operations, Wellstone Action

P.S. Make a donation right now, and let me announce to this roomful of rock stars that you believe in them, and everything they’re fighting for.  Please give as generously as you can, and help us win all of these fights, and more, in 2014.