Celebrating Wins, the Wellstone Way

November 7, 2013

The day or two after Election Day are always my favorite at Wellstone Action. Not to say I don’t love the excitement and heading to my polling place on Election Day, but in the days following, we track the races of our alumni to see if they won. What that typically looks like are spreadsheets full of data and lots of time spent searching results online hoping for Ws instead of Ls. I guess you have to love data like I do to truly appreciate that aspect of our work!

What’s most fun about tracking our alumni is remembering those candidates whom I was lucky to meet at some of our past Camp Wellstones. I love when alumni keep in touch, like our friend Sam Shim in Ohio, who not only stopped by to visit Camp Wellstone when it was in town earlier this summer, but sent a note to us on Election Night letting us know about his victory:

“I wanted to let you know that I defeated a conservative incumbent to win a seat on the Worthington School Board. It was my training by Wellstone that made all the difference. Thank you!”

So while many of us (me included) are interested in a few local races that directly impact us and our communities, on Election Night, the team at Wellstone Action is equally eager to hear the results of races across the country from candidates who have run their campaigns the Wellstone Way. While we typically don’t have as many alumni running in odd years, we’re still just as excited for the number of Ws we can log on our spreadsheets as we celebrate these victories!

Our alumni come from every corner of the country, from countless backgrounds and sets of experiences, but what unites them is a common commitment to run their campaigns, and win, the Wellstone Way: through people-powered, grassroots,  campaigns that sustain progressive change and build our broader movement. To all of our alumni who ran for office in 2013, thank you.

Without further ado, here are our 2013 Wellstone alumni victories! (this is what we know so far - a few races, especially those in MN under Rank Choice Voting, are still being tabulated):



Office seeking

Alex Morse


Mayor, re-elected

Andrew Johnson


Minneapolis City Council, Ward 12

Alondra Cano

MN Minneapolis City Council, Ward 9

Meg Forney

MN Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board

Darlene Mealy


Brooklyn City Council, re-elected

Debbie Bernauer


Brecksville Broadview Heights School Board

Tina Davis


Twinsburg School Board

Jim Drake


Union Township (Belmont County) Trustee

Virginia Jeschelnig


Mentor Exempted Village School Board

Teresa McGraner-Scarmack


Logan City Council At Large

Lee Schreiner


South-Western City Schools

Sam Shim


Worthington School Board

William Showman


Chillicothe City Council

Rud Browne


Whatcom County City Council

Eric Hansen


Tacoma Civil Service Board

Kristiana Johnson


City/Town Council

Shelley Kloba


Edmonds City Council

Liz Lovelett


Anacortes City Council Pos. 6

Pinky Vargas


Bellingham City Council

Congratulations again on your Wellstone-inspired wins! And – we know no data tracking system is perfect. If you’re also an alum, and you won your race, let us know! We’d love to celebrate you, too.