Why I like NFL Training Camp, but Love Camp Wellstone

August 19, 2013

Check out this great post from a Camp Wellstone Illinois alum about attending Camp just as the NFL preseason was getting underway.

"I learned so much from them and from other participants, so this football loving-lawyer-turned-newbie-organizer wanted to share just a few of those lessons:

1. Talk less, listen more - You can’t understand how to connect with others when you’re too busy talking. As a lawyer, this is challenge because I love the sound of my own voice (which is really quite lovely). Bad listeners or people too busy to invest in relationships will always have difficulty building sustainable movements for change.
2. To make lasting change, you need electoral politics, grassroots organizing, and policy - Without the other two, policy boils down to an idea that may or may not actually solve the problems of the local community and is unlikely to succeed without voters who support it.
3. The “Don’t be Jay Cutler” Rule - Be humble, admit you make mistakes and can learn from others (yes, I’m a Bears fan).   We cannot get better at making progress unless we admit that we don’t know everything.
4. Paul Wellstone was an awesome human being - Watching his bio video gave me goose bumps. Wellstone saw potential leaders in every person and devoted his life to trying to unlock that potential."

Read the full post over at Advancing Justice - Chicago.