Deepening the Alumni Experience

August 1, 2013

We’re proud of Camp Wellstone because there’s no better program out there to gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a progressive changemaker. We also know that the work of progressives is only just beginning after they graduate from Camp Wellstone.

That’s why we here at Wellstone Action are so dedicated to standing with progressives well beyond Camp, as they work in their communities to make change and win important fights that will improve people’s lives. Our alumni go on to lead campaigns, run for office, and organize their communities, and we want to make sure we play a role in their continued development.

With that in mind, we launched a new program in July called Lunchtime with Wellstone. Throughout the month, we gave 2013 graduates of Camp Wellstone the chance to join us online for sessions led by an all-star set of trainers. Participants got the opportunity to take sessions from tracks (or parts) of Camp that they did not attend -- for instance, people interested in becoming candidates will learn at Camp how to deliver a stump speech, but they won’t hear our session on grassroots lobbying; thanks to Lunchtime with Wellstone, prospective candidates had the chance to learn about how activists effectively lobby their representatives – and what they can expect to experience once they’re elected to office!

Supporting our alumni beyond Camp Wellstone is vital to our mission, and it takes a lot of work. For Lunchtime with Wellstone to happen, it took a great systems partner in Progressive Majority, the thoughtful strategic planning of our Director of Political Leadership Project, Sujata, and the time and passion of our top-notch trainers and staff, Peggy, Adriana, Edith and Jake.

The outcome? Hundreds of alumni attended each of the four Lunchtime with Wellstone sessions and each of them has deepened their knowledge of how to win the Wellstone Way.

Our alumni are on the frontlines of the progressive movement, and we’re with them every step of the way – one lunchtime learning session at a time.