See You at Netroots

June 14, 2013

Next week, I’m joining thousands of progressives from across the country in San Jose for Netroots Nation 2013. I’m excited to be part of two sessions over the week and part of the conversation about how our progressive movement can win the Wellstone way.

First, on Thursday morning, I’ll be leading a training session called Base Building and Elections: Winning While Building Grassroots Power. It’s all about building a movement during a campaign that lasts well past Election Day. Participants will learn how we can use elections to build and expand the base by bringing new people into the process and building authentic relationships in communities. We will also discuss how communities and constituencies must be seen as partners in this work in order to create infrastructure that lasts long after the election, builds power, and grows new leaders.

I’ll be leading that training along with my friend, Prairie Rose Seminole, North Dakota’s Native Vote Director and a trainer for Wellstone Action's Native American Leadership Program.

Later that day, Prairie Rose will moderate a panel discussion that I’ll be a part of, Native Vote: Why Winning Indian Country Matters to You. We’ll talk about why winning Indian Country is vital to all people, not just one demographic. We’ll also cover how the political and public policy interests of Native Vote intersect with larger voting blocs, and how progressives should ensure that Native issues are addressed and the Native community is regarded and respected.

If you’re headed to Netroots Nation, I hope you’ll join me at both sessions. And if you’re there, don’t forget to say “hi” online and off.