Happy Birthday, Camp Wellstone

May 31, 2013

We’re kicking off something pretty special today: Camp Wellstone Twin Cities. Now, I think that every Camp Wellstone is pretty special. Where else can progressives from all walks of life get a crash course in winning the Wellstone Way?

But this Camp Wellstone is particularly special because it was in the late spring of 2003 that we ran our very first Camp Wellstone. Now we’re celebrating Camp Wellstone’s 10th birthday with over 100 progressives from across the Upper Midwest. They’ll get what campers across the country have come to expect from us: the skills and expertise they need to become even more effective candidates, campaign staffers, and community advocates.

It is really remarkable to think about all the progress we’ve made over the past ten years. We’ve been to every single state and trained well over 55,000 Americans to be change makers in their neighborhood, state, and country.

I can’t promise sheet cake to this crop of campers, but I can promise that they’ll have an incredible and intense weekend that will empower them to help lead our movement.

Check back on the blog at the end of the weekend for an update about how camp went. And don’t worry, if we do get sheet cake, I’ll take a few pictures.