The Decade Ahead

May 26, 2013

Ted and Amy Gavin are two of the real people behind Wellstone Action’s work in the world: splitting their time between Minnesota and Pennsylvania, leaders in the progressive movement on a national scale, and loyal supporters of a politics that will improve people’s lives, the Gavins have generously supported Wellstone’s work for half as long as we’ve been around!

Ted points to Paul Wellstone as the reason he started paying attention to politics – and Amy was right behind him. Her favorite part of Wellstone Action is that “we take everyday, common people who’ve maybe never had any aspirations of holding public office and we empower them with the tools and the confidence to ‘see what happens’. We remind real people of their talents and abilities, of their power as a person who’s connected to a broader community, and arm them to actually make a difference.”

Later this year, we’ll celebrate Wellstone Action’s 10th birthday – a decade of building progressive power in our communities and in Congress. Amy and Ted have seen firsthand the incredible growth in Wellstone Action’s work over the last decade. From one program in 2003 – our flagship Camp Wellstone – to today’s eight, vibrant training programs, we’ve grown a movement, partnering with people that too many mainstream politicians leave behind.

Both Amy and Ted credit Senator Al Franken and his wife, Franni, as the driving forces behind their engagement with Wellstone Action. And once introduced to our work, the Gavins have stood with us ever since. On a personal level, our Native American Leadership Program and our Sheila Wellstone Institute hold particular significance to Ted and Amy.

“These are the most impactful programs Wellstone offers. They dramatically improve people’s lives, giving people clarity on their own individual power. People who survive violence – and Native women are more likely to experience it than most everyone else – need programs like yours. Too few people in power understand what’s happening with women, and you bring attention to these issues on a national scale, empowering entire communities to take action, build their own leadership, and demand it from others” says Amy.

“We invest in Wellstone Action because you’re the gold standard in the country for progressive campaigning and equipping progressive leaders. Period.” – Ted Gavin, Founding Member, Wellstone Circle (and monthly sustainer!)

“With Wellstone Action, everything is about the work. About getting results. So much of a donated dollar goes directly into program – for donors who care about accountability, and return on investment, you’ll see results more quickly with Wellstone than with other organizations.” – Amy Gavin, Founding Member, Wellstone Circle (and monthly sustainer!)

“We can’t wait to see the next 10 years ahead for Wellstone,” says Ted. “And we’re so proud to build with you thousands of additional Wellstone Action alums, guiding a progressive agenda, and leading us toward the world where we all do better.”