We make change happen. We take passionate progressives and arm them with the strategies, tools, and skills to win big. After ten years, we’ve only just begun.

We Are Igniting Change

We wake up every day hungry to make change in our communities. We build the leadership and capacity to deliver progressive change, the Wellstone Way: one activist, one candidate, and one organization a time.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve...

  • trained 55,000 progressives
    in all 50 states
    Map of United States
  • propelled 600 alumni into elected office
  • prepared the leaders of 3,000 winning campaigns
  • and partnered with over 350 frontline organizations to advance our progressive agenda
People + Us = Winning

Elected Alumni

We’ve grown a lot over the past ten years. But one thing will never change: our focus on developing authentic leaders at all levels of government. Here are just a few Wellstone electeds:


Hundreds of organizations from across the country partner with us to advance our progressive agenda. They include:

We’ve ignited change
on some of the most pressing issues of our time:

Group photo of people participating in Movement-Building Project

Immigrants’ Rights

Thanks to our Movement-Building Project, we’ve trained hundreds of first- and second-generation immigrants to run for office. We’ve worked with voter and community engagement campaigns to ensure that frontline immigrants’ rights organizations are positioned for victory.

Group of people participating in training session

Workers’ Rights

From Teachers Unions to Teamsters, we’ve helped organized labor create a strong and strategic movement to stand up for workers and their families, beating back anti-worker rhetoric and so-called “right to work” laws. Michigan to Florida, Wisconsin to Nevada, we work at the epicenter of the fight for workers’ rights, and empower unions with a framework to thrive.

Theresa Sheldon campaigning for votes

Growing Native Leaders

Paul Wellstone was a close ally of Indian Country, and our Native American Leadership Program strengthens the capacity of Native leaders through trainings rooted in the community’s natural connection to organizing and storytelling. Our work stretches from communities in Washington State to New York and from Arizona to North Dakota.

People holding posters for equal marriage rights

Marriage Equality

Several of the country’s senior campaign staffers have turned to Wellstone trainings to help them win on key ballot initiatives, including marriage equality. And our own Wellstone staff and trainers have guided historic victories for LGBTQ equality in states from Minnesota to Maine.

People debating

Voter Protection

There’s nothing more fundamental to our democracy than protecting the rights of every voter. At Wellstone Action, we work with organizations who are dedicated to protecting and expanding voting rights for every American. And we win.

Awards giving ceremony

Ending Domestic Violence

The Sheila Wellstone Institute continues Sheila’s commitment to building power and engaging broad community support to ensure that ending violence against women and children is a national priority.

We Are Rooted
in Progressive Values

Leadership diagram

We believe that electoral politics, public policy, and community organizing must be woven together to create lasting progressive change. This is the Wellstone Triangle, and it anchors everything we do. We’ve been at it for 10 years now, making sure the right people run, win and lead from the inside, and are held accountable, and supported, by a powerful progressive movement on the outside.

Educator. Organizer. Senator.

In 1990, an organizer and college professor named Paul Wellstone took on an entrenched incumbent Senator and won. He did it by running the most creative grassroots campaign the country had ever seen. His unique brand of politics became known as the Wellstone Way – and it’s the touchstone of everything we teach.

School Bus
Stand Up Keep Fighting

Paul and Sheila

At his core, Paul believed that the only way to sustain a movement was to educate and empower a new generation of leaders. In the wake of a 2002 plane crash that killed Paul Wellstone, his wife, Sheila, their daughter, Marcia, and three members of their staff, Wellstone Action formed to ensure their work would continue – the work of improving people’s lives.

Paul might never have imagined how the Wellstone Way would inspire a country. We like to imagine that he’d tell us to never stop fighting, never stop growing, never stop winning the world where we’re all in this together, where everyone’s in and nobody’s out. So that’s what we do.

We Are Winning

From a one-room office to a nationwide effort, we’ve taken the Wellstone Triangle from coast to coast. And today, we’re now the premier training center for the progressive movement. No one else in the nation trains more leaders how to run - and win - on the issues that make a difference in our lives.

Our work touches every corner of the country and impacts Americans of all stripes. The one thing that binds us all together: a common agreement with Paul, ”We all do better when we all do better.”

In partnership with our friends at Grassroots Solutions, we started with 1 Camp Wellstone in June 2003

And now, we have 8 vibrant training programs

What’s Next

From our home in the Midwest to our staff and trainers across the country, and from a single Camp Wellstone to countless alumni, we’ve grown a lot in 10 years. We’re going to keep growing, keep innovating, and keep winning the fight for our country’s future because Paul and Sheila would expect nothing less.

We are winning. We are Wellstone.

Join us for the next 10.