Selina Musuta

Selina Musuta spends her days coding in Python and Javascript.  She was part of the 2014 Code for Progress cohort. Mid-way thru her fellowship, she joined the Technology Department of the Democratic National Committee as a Junior Front End Developer. Before she started her career as a web developer, Selina has been doing community development work in Washington, D.C. for 10 years through media organizing, event production, community research, and radio production.  Since 2009, Selina has organized a successful annual audio interactive installation with the DC Listening Lounge (DCLL), an audio collective in the District made up of musicians, radio producers, found-sound collectors and sound effect artists. She managed the artisans market for Make it Mount Pleasant showcasing local artists and bringing new visitors to Mount Pleasant’s commercial corridor.

Selina spent several years as a radio producer for Pacifica National Radio Network and taught radio production and media literacy skills to high school and middle school age students through Radio Rootz, a DC based youth program. She is an active part of Washington, DC’s nightlife and culture scenes organizing an array of popular events featuring diverse performers. As a DJ and producer, she uses her nightlife connections and party organizing to support local philanthropy and promote more responsible and community friendly night time business practices.