Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez is a 27 year-old Latina immigrant from Colombia who grew up in the Bay Area and now lives and organizes in NYC. Karen has been organizing immigrant workers, womyn of color, urban youth of color, low-income families and young voters for over 6 years. She is committed to building collective, grassroots, horizontal movements of resistance, and draws inspiration from popular movements in Latin America. Currently, she is the community organizer/promotora de salud for Casa Atabex Ache-The House of Womyn Power, a womyn of color organization in the South Bronx that fusing social justice, healing, reproductive health and spirituality to support and empower womyn to heal from the different form of violence in their lives and transform their communities. Most recently, she has been working on building more economic sustainability in the South Bronx through supporting the founding a new immigrant womyn's street vendor worker cooperative. She also actively supports other grassroots movements as an interpreter and childcare volunteer and is a member of a Mexica dance circle.