Jessie Ulibarri

Jessie Ulibarri is the Interim Co-Executive Director of Wellstone. Previously, he served as the Vice President of Impact and External Affairs, where he managed the Movement Building, Movement Technology, and Public and Political Leadership teams.. He has trained thousands of community organizers, campaign managers, candidates, and elected officials to build a democracy where everyone is in, no one is out, no exceptions. Jessie is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Senior Executives for State and Local Government program at the Harvard Kennedy School, and he’s currently pursuing his Masters in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

In addition to his role with Wellstone Action, Jessie concurrently served in the Colorado State Senate, representing his home district north of Denver, Colorado. As a State Senator he successfully authored and passed into law 41 pieces of legislation, with a specific focus on protecting the rights of workers, expanding access to affordable housing, safeguarding civil liberties, and ensuring full access to the ballot box. Before joining our team, Jessie spent a decade leading community organizing and public policy efforts throughout the country. He served as the Public Policy Director at the ACLU of Colorado, State Director at Mi Familia Vota, the Economic Justice Campaign Director at Colorado Progressive Coalition, and as a congressional staffer for Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL-4). His work has been featured in the Washington Post, New York Times, La Opinion, LA Times, Univision, CNN, Telemundo, and every major news station and newspaper in the state of Colorado.

Jessie now resides in a small suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his husband (Louis), two kids (Israel and Silvia), and two pets (Rosie and Boo). He loves to cook slow, homemade, deliciously spicy and/or carnivorous meals. As a self-proclaimed nerd, he is often found re-reading his favorite sci-fi novels, playing board games with his family and friends, or flailing wildly (but joyfully) in a game of volleyball.
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