Deepa Kunapuli

Deepa brings ten years of experience in political campaigns, storytelling, and digital organizing to her role as the Communications and Marketing Director for Wellstone. Previously, she was the Communications Director at the United States Digital Service, a "startup inside the White House" focused on modernizing critical government services.

In 2007, Deepa began her career in digital organizing on Senator Obama's campaign in Iowa. Her interest in using emerging technologies for movement building inspired her to move to Washington D.C. to join the New Media team at the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America. Soon after, she joined the Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign where she managed digital programs focused on mobilizing communities of color. Her experience training organizers in digital and technology at the New Organizing Institute led her to explore how might we use technology to effect change at the legislative and policy level. For the next four years, she served in the Obama Administration working on issues such as consumer finance, immigration modernization, and how government can design and deliver better online experiences.

Throughout her career, Deepa is proud to have helped some of the largest institutions, organizations, and startups find their voice and connect people with purpose. She's excited to continue that work at Wellstone — storytelling in the pursuit of a more just world.