Annual Reports

Every year, Wellstone is growing to create more progressive change across the country. Read stories of our success over the course of a year in these annual reports. 

A decade of Wellstone: 2013                   Rooted in our Future: 2012                    

 We Are Wellstone: 2012                          Changing The Choices: 2010


We're keeping busy criss-crossing the country to empower progressive leaders. Here are a few newsletters with updates from the road. 

Spring 2015                                      Fall 2014                                           

 Spring 2014                                      Fall 2013                                                                                                  

 Summer 2013                                Fall 2012 
Summer 2013 Newsletter   

Partner Profiles

Change happens when progressives collaborate for enduring victories, below you can find a few case studies of our partnerships. 

                                                                     Returning Ballot Measures                          A Tea Party Trouncing                       
 The Changing Present                    to Their  Progressive Roots                          in New Hampshire                              

The Fight for Florida                                         Winning for Working Families 

Financial Information

We’re proud to have the support of over 10,000 individual donors every year. We take our financial responsibility seriously and we take being a transparent and effective organization seriously. To help educate supporters about our finances, below are our 990 tax forms from the past three years.

   Wellstone Action: 2013                                Wellstone Action Fund: 2013  

   Wellstone Action                                                             Wellstone Action Fund
   990s also available for: 2011 & 2012                            990s also available for: 2011 & 2012