Native American Leadership Program

Native American Leadership ProgramContinuing Paul and Sheila Wellstone’s commitment to Indian Country, Wellstone Action developed the Native American Leadership Program (NALP) in 2007. The program was created by, for, and with American Indian leaders to strengthen leadership capacity and civic engagement in Indian Country. NALP recognizes and honors that Native American people are natural organizers, messengers, and storytellers, with a community power that is rooted in relationships. Our program builds on these inherent assets and provides for culturally-specific training on organizing to address the economic, social, political, and cultural issues facing tribal communities.

In partnership with tribes throughout the country, our all-Native training team empowers Native people and effects positive change through community-based organizing, advocacy, public policy, and nonpartisan electoral work. And our ultimate goal is to create a pipeline of American Indian leaders who will seek – and win – key leadership positions in our communities.

Our trainings include:

  • Native Leadership, to expand capacity and translate our indigenous organizing talents into electoral power;
  • Native Voter Engagement Schools, to collaborate with Native communities to develop a year-round approach to nonpartisan voter engagement;
  • Camp Sheila Wellstone in Indian Country, to focus on the specific issues facing Native women, who experience the nation’s highest rates of sexual and domestic violence and human trafficking;
  • Native Campus Camp Wellstone, in partnership with tribal colleges, to grow a new generation of skilled Native leaders and empower young people to engage effectively in creative change in their communities;
  • NALP Technical Support, to provide customized training for Native communities in designing issue campaigns, creating community work plans, building coalitions, engaging public leaders, and other ongoing civic engagement activities; and,
  • Camp Wellstone in Indian Country, to teach Native candidates and campaign staff the mechanics of winning campaigns – resulting in elected officials who reflect the communities they represent.

Native American Leadership Program

NALP develops leaders who move forward real, viable solutions to the challenges in Indian Country and strengthens Native American voices in public life to shape policies that actually reflect the real needs and hopes of Native people. We work to increase the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives who are engaged and effective in creating progressive change.

Paul Wellstone was an honorary member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, and Red Lake Band of Chippewa. We are honored to continue his legacy of working to improve opportunities for Native people.

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