Your Tributes

  • Susan Morgan

    Paul and Shelia were high school classmates. We were in the first graduating class of Yorktown High School in Arlington Virginia. I even attended their wedding. I was always impressed with their love for each other which later translated into a love for their country. I was devasted when I heard about their tragic deaths. Such a loss for the progressive movement. ...

  • Jeffrey Krieger

    As a team and marriage and environmentalists. They were warriors like myself. I liked their courage and chutzpah. They never gave up and knew all the issues and how to work them.

  • Donald (Radar) Shaffer

    Paul so reminded me of that famous progressive Bob Lafollet and his wisdom and courage inspired a new generation of young activiists. Good and great man!!

  • Charles Rykken

    I am working on internet technology to help people organize for positive change. Paul Wellstone is one of my guiding lights. There are a few truly outstanding individuals who have affected me deeply in this regard. Names like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Elizabeth Warren easily come to mind. America is in sore need of conscience with energy and intelligence and a spirit of ...

  • Mark Dougherty

    In 1982 I was a radio reporter in Grand Forks, ND and one day Paul Wellstone came to my station during his first ever political campaign. Of course I didn't have a clue who this little guy (I'm 6-2, he was what, 5-5?) was. But I will never forget thinking after our interview was over that I had just met an extraordinary man. I was blown away by his amazing energy and ...

  • Stephen Joseph

    I just learned of this great family and what Paul and Sheila have done for communities, especially in Minnesota, across the country and America. I was inspired, previously, to make a difference in my hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania but now I'm more determined to represent a town and a people, whose value, the world has not seen fully. Businesses, aspiring students, ...