Your Tributes

  • Carla Kjellberg

    I need to tell a story: A week before the plane crash I went to a packed fundraiser in Kenwood. I snuck outback to talk to Paul. It was right when the polls started going up after his vote against the war. I thanked him for his vote. He grabbed my hand and said. "Carla, we are so isolated in Washington, I was convinced that the vote would cause me to loose. We are ...

  • Elaina Murphy

    Paul's voice is sorely missed in the voter suppression debates. I just know he would be working crowds into a long and stomping parade to the voting booth.
    Also I knew him and Sheila a little bit and I sure miss them in the Senate.

  • Emily Dutot

    I will never forget the moment I first heard your plane had gone down. Such a hard, hard day for Minnesota and especially for everyone that shared your vision. Your passion and enthusiasm was our inspiration. You were our champion. Thank you!

  • Stephen Hopkins

    Paul knew me as "Isaac's father," not by name. Spending a little time campaigning, riding the green bus, Paul taught me that government programs [like Social Security] are efficient, effective and generate value for the American People. Now, we could reduce the cost of health care from 18 cents of every dollar spent down to 10 cents -- which would be an income boost to ...

  • Frank Hornstein

    I am in public office because of Paul and I often talk about his impact on how I approach my work. He taught me that community organizing and service in elected office are not mutually exclusive so I was elected to the Minnesota House as a community organizer! I first met him in 1982 when his theme for that first campaign for State Auditor was "who decides, who pay, who ...

  • Erik Peterson

    Memories and Fuel for the Fire
    Paul and Sheila Wellstone were friends. They were mentors. Paul got me back into politics after years of disengagement, and his 1990 campaign literally changed my life. I would not have been organizing for the past 22 years if it hadn’t been for a chance meeting one winter night at the Martin Luther King Center in St. Paul, where I first ...